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Massage Therapy Reviews

A great massage I have had many massages over the years and I will say that Leslie is one of the best if not the best massage I have ever had. I have a lot of back issues with arthritis and herniated disc issues. I also had a recent shoulder injury but she was careful yet strong enough to get to those really deep areas that I need help with. Only problem is, she does such a good job she is in high demand so you have to schedule in advance!
Ted K
90 minute massage Very pleasant experience. Will definintely keep you in mind for both mine and my wife's next massage.
Rebecca S
Always a wonderful experience Lesley is a wonderful therapist, she always asks about any problem or trouble areas before we start, and whether I need a deep tissue, or just a relaxing message she is wonderful at providing exactly that. I would (and have) highly recommend her to others, and am always excited for the next time to see her.
Terry K
amazing...... I was totally amazed with my first appointment and will definitely be going back!!
Stacie S
Amazing massage therapy My first time visiting Living Better Therapeutics I found it to be a very restful and relaxing massage. The atmosphere is one of calm and cleanliness, and I was immediately put at ease by the owner. The massage was wonderful and really helped to relax me, plus she gave me some tips on how to manage my stress in the future. It was a wonderful massage and I will be visiting her again.
Staci S
Everything was great!! Everything was great!!
Patti E
AWESOMENESS LIVES HERE! Lesley, I cannot thank you enough for my FIRST of my yet to be MANY times there. Like I told my husband, "THIS was a Divine appointment!" And I wasn't speaking of a feeling...I truly meant that the Lord meant for this door to be opened for the both of us, but especially me. Amanda is beyond ALL Superlatives! She found problem areas that I never knew were there. OH BOY did she find them. :) (Yes, I had an extended OW Period through today (app't was Friday, it's now late Monday.) I KNOW WHY these things happen. I never had a clue before. I have an extremely limited "peer group" due to being stuck at home all the time, but every time that I'm able to let someone know about what you offer---you better believe I will do so! We'll be back as we are able. We're in a bad spot with the military right now--fighting to get husband's pay--which makes things rough. I'm sorry that I could not come to the "Oils" thing...but...I have been a Distributor of Young Living Oils since 1996 and I KNOW that douching with Frankincense is a HUGE part of helping with that nasty Ovarian Cancer. They're expensive but worth it! I truly LOVED being in your home (your son is a sweetheart!) and pray that you thrive & prosper there! I will see you again...just now sure how soon as of now...but you've made 2 new clients! MUCH LOVE & GRATEFULNESS! Patti Elzy
Ken M
continues to be great scheduled rest of the year. Very helpful and relaxing.
Gaurav W
Awesome Highly recommended
Kim C
Excellent Work! I've had a few other massages and didn't return because I was just not impressed. My opinion from prior experiences was that the massage was nice, but not very effective for someone with chronic pain. Today's experience proved that there are people that truly know how to treat chronic pain. I knew immediately that I had found someone with real skill. And this is why I already booked a follow-up appointment. Thanks for doing such a great job today!
Connie S
Excellent Experience! Review of Ann Richardson, CMT This was a supreme massage experience in every respect! Lovely and comfortable at-home environment, managed by a personable and professional massage therapist. The sixty-minute treatment is enhanced by soothing music and aromatic oils to fulfill the experience in every way. Ann completes the moment with a spiritual sense of the connection between body and soul. It is a delight!
Melissa M
First timer Review of Lesley Neeley, CMT CHC Thoroughly enjoyed my massaged. The rocking technique Lesley used was amazing and helped many muscles in my back. Enjoyed her use of essential oils. Thanks!
Anna D
Great! I had a great massage today! Very relaxing. I would definitely do it again. Thanks Ann!
Great first session experience. Have to admit that I know my shoulders and neck have been in need of therapy after years of travel and stress, however, the past couple of experiences with massage prior to this left me in pain for days following and hesitant to continue searching for a therapist... I am happy to say that was not the case with this session! Ann was able to start tackling the knots and damage I've been just living with for years now. I felt great after the session (and in the following days). I will certainly be back soon.
Steve D
Great massage This was a first time visit prompted by a Groupon. I don't have any medical conditions and go for massages for stress relief and usually done so on vacations. Lesley was great...I especially liked the attention around neck and shoulders. Also she went past the hour allotted time too! Not only a great massage but she recently got a sheltie from a rescue agency. She keeps it out of the way when clients visit but brought it out when we were talking about dogs (after the session)!
Carol H
Lymphedema Amanda is helping me so much with my lymphedema. I have had it for over 12 years and she is so knowledgeable and I am seeing results.
Massage Ann was just wonderful and did an amazing job! I came to her after my mini-marathon and she really focused on all the right spots to make me feel better. I left there feeling somewhat sore but the next day, I felt great and still am.
Janet L
Massage I have had many massages at different locations but I felt so relaxed after my massage with Lesley at Living Better Therapeutics. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to her! I know I'll be going back.
Kathy T
Massage Review of Ann Richardson, CMT Excellent massage. Ann did a wonderful job of concentrating on the areas with the most tension. Also enjoyed the oils used
Heather J
Massage Thank you so much for the massage today. You were so helpful, and focused on what I needed. You're so knowledgable. I will come back to you for my next massage!!
Stephanie L
Massage = wellness Lesley has been a major key to my physical, emotional, and even spiritual wellness. She is able to encourage me to completely relax and focus on healing in a way that I have never experienced before. I was looking for someone who could do energy work and she excedes my expectations at every visit. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.
Massage Review of Amanda Nash, CMT, CLT Great work. It's been a while to find a massage therapist of this quality.
Alison I
Not just a massage, but an experience. Review of Ann Richardson, CMT Thank you so much to Ann for a wonderful evening. Her home is such a welcoming atmosphere and pleasing to the senses. She is very pleasant and comforting. The massage was relaxing, soothing and very professional. I highly recommended Ann to each person I've told about my evening with her. Thanks again!
Melanie R
Relaxing Massage I recently visited Lesley at Living Better and really enjoyed my massage. She listened to what I had to say and personalized my massage for my needs. I don't get a lot of massages, but after visiting Lesley, I may have to return and see her again soon!
Rick B
Sounds very good I had a wonderful time the massage was great I think a little bit of soft music would go a long way. I think I would like a little bit less pressure next time and I loved the smells of the oils I thought you did a excellent job and it was great to meet you. Thanks again.
Lacey A
The only massage therapist I will go to! Leslie is a wonderful person. She provides a comfortable, inviting environment for her services. I always leave feeling much better. You can tell Leslie really takes pride in her work and cares about her clients. I always look forward to my massages!
Marjorie R
The title is fine I can't believe how much better I feel after Lesley gets done with my ask her as she knows how bad I carry stress around and has to work very hard to get my body back.....I think I could do this every day, personally.....she has magic in her hands.....
Ann P
Wonderful I scheduled my first massage with LBT using a Groupon and it was more than worth it. I plan to go back routinely from now on.
Wonderful! Lesley is a really talented and intuitive massage therapist. She makes you feel so relaxed and weclome just walking into her place. She uses the most wonderful essenial oils, and she can work the kinks out and leave you feeling relaxed and ready to face the world. I have been to ALOT of massage therapists, and Lesley is truly among the very best, for real!
Beth S
Excellent Massage Review of Ann Richardson, CMT Ann was very receptive to my questions and intuitive in what my body needed.
Katie L
Very skilled therapists My husband and I both go to Living Better Therapeutics regularly. All the therapists are highly skilled, and each has a special skill set, which will accommodate a wide range of therapeutic needs.
Carol R
Unbelievable! I came to you with terrible lower back pain and you rocked it all away!
Laura S
Relaxing afternoon My daughter and I both loved our massages. We are both recovering from injuries, and the massages really helped us to heal and feel better. Thank you!
Jen P
Best Massage Ever! As always, Lesley knows right where the pain is and uses her healing hands to massage it out. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia so I am often achy, sore, and tender. Lesley uses just the right amount of pressure to break up my knots, without causing me any additional pain. I have been getting massages from Lesley for over three years now. She gives the best massages ever!
A wonderful massage! Excellent work.
Levi L
Very good for a dancer I am a ballet dancer and had my first massage yesterday at Living Better Therapeutics. It was very good and Lesley was very helpful with the pain in my legs.
Roger P
Massage The massage was awesome....I felt like I had been drugged after her massage (in a good way). Everything was also quiet, professional and comfortable.
Rebecca S
Truly a wonderful massage Lesley is such a great therapist, she asks how you're doing before starting any type of body work, so that she can really focus in on what you need. She has all kinds of ways to work out problem areas, if one method is too painful she can take other approaches that are just as effective. I've been seeing Lesley for several years and each massage is one that I eagerly anticipate. Whether you're looking for a relaxing massage, or deep tissue, or sports recovery, Lesley does an amazing job.
Carla H
Massage The cooperation I received was amazing when I had to re-schedule several times. The massage was just what I needed. Wonderful experience!
Cathy L
Excellent Therapist Lesley at Living Better Therapeutics always exceeds my expectations! I have been a client of hers for 10+ years. She is very knowledgable in not only massage thearpy but also very health wise. I love the oils she uses and the way she can read my body and work extra on areas that need it most.
Cassie B
Very Individualized Treatment Lesley is a wonderful listener and takes the time to fine-tune my treatments according to my current and ongoing issues. She is open to feedback but I usually don't need to give any because her hands sense the areas with the most tension and how I respond to various techniques. I have had massages at many different places before but Lesley achieves the most results for me. Making people feel better is her LIFE, not just her job.
Crystal C
Great massage!! Lesley gave me a great massage, finding my tight muscles and helping them release. She is professional and knowledgeable and I look forward to another massage soon.
Arlene H
Relax Very relaxing experience. Really enjoyed "the rocking relaxation" movements before the massage.
Trish L
Thoughtful and Knowledgeable Practiioner Leslie is a thoughtful, careful and loving practitioner. Her massages target the areas of most need. They are both invigorating and relaxing. She is very knowledgeable about the body-mind connection. And she is also a loving and generous spirit. I recommend her highly!
Angie L
Awesome Service I've had several massages by different Massage Therapists. Lesley gives the absolutely best massages. She can always find my tense spots and will concentrate on loosening up those muscles.
Sue B
Great Wonderful job thanks
Great massage! I highly recommend Lesley both for her incredible technique, but also for her understanding of the relationship between physical habits and their effects on the body. I work at a computer all day and between that and lifting weights, my neck, back and shoulders are all kinds of jacked up. Not only did she work that area perfectly, but she shared with me techniques both while I'm sitting at my computer and while I'm working out to reduce stress on my body. I've seen her twice now, and always feel like a million bucks. I really need to go more often.
Jenni M
massage Overall, the massage was nice. I left feeling very relaxed!
Nicole J
review I have total feeling in my left arm for the first time in almost one year. Praise God.
Craig S
very comfortable message she was very descriptive with what she was doing and listened and the point was to be relaxed and that was accomplished - thank you
Lana B
loved it Thank you Lesley! I am very happy to find a therapist with such skill. Looking forward to seeing you in the near future!
Kelly B
Massage The upper and full body massages with the oils are so AWESOME! I love the waters sounds you are working with me on. I love the sounds of the water by the sea. The running of the creeks sounds. I love the peppermint smells when I first lay down. I think a little bit cooler in the room with the bed warm when laying down to where you turn it down is fanatic. I have recommend people to you! Thanks so much for a Wonderful morning! See ya Soon.
Lindsay B
Very Relaxing Lesley did a magnificent job! My main concern was my lower back which she focused on quite a bit. The atmosphere was extremely inviting with aroma therapy oils and soothing music. Exactly what I needed. Will definitely be a return customer!
Rebecca S
therapy really is the right word! Lesley does an amazing job each time I've seen her for massage therapy. She is wonderful at listening to what is going on with me, adjusting the massage to really target those areas. It is a restful experience, and has helped with mobility, easing of chronic back pain, sore muscles and so much more. I'm so happy to have found a therapist who is so excellent at what she does!
Carrie K
feeling great! Just had a massage this morning, and I'm feeling great! What a wonderful way to spend my day off!
Susie S
initial massage The massage as a whole was very relaxing. The 'rocking' technique used seemed to help relax me as well. Usually during a massage, I will notice areas of extreme sensitivity that the masseuse will work on releasing. I noticed very little of this during my massage today, but, later felt a bit sore in certain areas. So, I know they were massaged thoroughly. My only other comment would be that my goal, during any massage is to have all, or as many knots 'released' as time will allow. No matter how sore these areas may be.
Teresa L
Massage Lesley did an amazing job. I was relaxed and she concentrated on the areas that needed the most attention. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends. I will be going back for another 90 minute massage.
Tara J
Massage Leslie did a great job! She warned me that I would be sore afterwards ( deep tissue work) however I felt great and was not sore at all. She will now be part of a maintainence plan for me! Thank you Leslie!
Jeanne L
Massage I'm glad I started coming back for massages. For several months I was waking in the morning with a headache. Since I started with the massages again, I haven't had a headache! THANK YOU!!
Marjorie R
Lesley's Magic Hands Lesley has the hands of a healer.....I always feel so much better after the massage that I did before her hands touched my body....all 4 of my doctors know how she keeps me vertical....I've even made a believer out of my Allergy Doc.....he now asks me if I am still getting my massages and to keep it up.....
Prenatal Massage For months my neck, shoulders and lower back have been giving me trouble since the beginning of my pregnancy. After every visit with Lesley, I leave with tips and pointers to alleviate pain while at home in addition to providing prenatal massages that leave me feeling refreshed and relaxed. Her professionalism, dedication and most importantly her ability to provide a great massage are what will bring me back time and time again.
Kelly B
Saturday Massage It was really awesome! Best one I have had, not to hard just very gental that is what I like. Then only difference I would have changed is the music and we talked about it.
Theresa B
1st EVER massage Due to dr's orders. I agreed to have my first massageā€¦ will not be my last!! I felt so comfortable and relax for not knowing what to expect. Lesley told me everything that she would be doing before hand and while she was giving the massage. Great experience. One that I will repeat for sure!!
Korey B
Great time! I had a wonderful time today. I noticed carrying in groceries that my back feels so much better. I know I'm young but I feel great and It relieved a great deal of stress. I will be making another appointment with you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me!
Jenni R
Much needed! What a great way to relax and get help with some of the regular tightness my muscles experience. Lesley was great at responding to individual areas that were problematic, as well as suggesting additional approaches to dealing with some biomechanics issues.
Kevin S
Routine massage Even when I think I'm ok, I'm always amazed at how much better I feel afterwards.
Relaxed and Refreshed After my first appointment, I felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to return. Thank you.
Jennifer B
90 minute massage One of the best massages I have ever received. Very relaxing but also therapeutic. Many of the trigger points/tender points in my shoulders and back are now gone!
Jim L
Excellent massages Review of Drew Oneal CMT Drew works and succeeds at restoring my body to norma.
Laurie J
Amazing!! Wonderful massage! Thank you so much! Just what a needed.
Sarah W
Great! As always a great massage kind and professional!
Dawn G
much needed I saw Leslie yesterday and she as always was amazing. I told her I had been having problems with my lower back and as always my neck. She works and works to help muscles loosen up and me to feel better. I wouldn't want anyone else working on me!!!
Sandra S
laura d
massage All over
laura d
massage Thank you you do a great job
Scott A
best Review of Drew Oneal CMT neck feeling better
Sandy S
Great Experience! With just 1 visit..Lesley was able to evaluate and treat my healing broken shoulder. She is amazing. I appreciate the great care she gave, making me comfortable, relaxed. She is a professional who I will continue to schedule therapeutic massages with. I recommend her highly.
Megan C
Therapeutic yet relaxing Lesley is an amazing massage therapist. By far the best I have ever been to. She takes time to learn your needs and customizes the session based on your physical and physiological needs. The environment is welcoming and relaxing. Would highly recommend her services.
Dawn G
Simply the best thanks Leslie for helping me feel better in my neck and back!!! I look forward to my massages with you!!
Sandra S
Very pleased with the Lesley! Finding Lesley was a blessing. Trying to recover from a broken shoulder, Lesley is helping much more than I ever expected. I would suggest that anyone who is searching for an exceptional, professional therapeutic massage schedule an appt. with Lesley. Thank you Lesley for helping me regain my mobility.
Barb M
Review for Leslie I have really appreciated Leslie's dedication to providing pain relief. She listens very attentively and demonstrates genuine care. I've been treated in the past by several different massage therapists, and I can truthfully report that Leslie's treatment far surpasses any I've experienced! Thanks, Leslie!
Sally F
Massage Review of Drew Oneal CMT I had a massage by Andrew this week. I have joint pain and he does a awesome job with the right amount of pressure. I have been with Andrew for 3 years and would recommend him in a heartbeat. Very nice place. I will be back for many more massages.
John S
Great Massage! Andrew provided a very therapeutic massage, focusing on my lower legs and back. Everything about the experience was professional and enjoyable.
Deb S
Woke up without pain today! Yesterday, I had a massage with Lesley. She eased my neck pain, loosened my back, and worked on my IT adhesions. Today-relief!
Elizabeth S
Excellent Review of Drew Oneal CMT Excellent massage by Drew!
Keenan S
the best massage ever Review of Drew Oneal CMT hes firm but gentle
Knots and massage I was very pleased with my massage with Andrew. And I will be returning!
Bernie F
Massage Review of Lesley Neeley, CMT CHC Feeling so much better today.More relaxed, looser Thanks, Lesley
Katie L
Very skilled therapists My husband and I both go to Living Better Therapeutics regularly. All the therapists are highly skilled, and each has a special skill set, which will accommodate a wide range of therapeutic needs.
Roger P
Awesome massage I have had many many massages. Lesley is extremely good at what she does. I felt incredible when it was over....I will return. The ambiance was nice, the room was clean, it was quiet and the music perfect.
Jeffrey D
massage Lesley does a great job of listening to her clients words as well as their body to give you what you need to feel well and move forward.
Laura S
Thank you I have enjoyed all of the massages I have had a Living Better Therapeutics. Both Amanda and Lesley genuinely care about their clients and ask good questions to find out how best to help relieve the stress. Thanks for helping me feel better! :)
Sue B
Wonderful No pain thanks
Diana K
massage I truly enjoyed the heated bed, wonderful aroma's especially the clove and peppermintoils. My massage was perfect and so relaxing. I am learning how to melt into the bed. Ha Ha Thanks, Leslie and God Bless you and your magic fingers.
Deep tissue Lesley treats each client with regard to their Specific stress & tension areas.
Kim B
Fabulous Lesley is very professional with a inviting personality. You feel very welcome in her business and home. I was unsure at first how I felt about a business on a home but Lesley kept me informed and made me feel comfortable. The massage was relaxing and I loved the aroma therapy. I did not want it to be over after 90 full minutes. I would recommend her!!!
Jay T
RELAXATION So if I had to some up my experiences at Living Better Therapeutics in one word,it would be "RELAXATION". The service here is excellent, Lesley really knows her business and gives a 100% to making your experience a good one. She takes the time to listen to her clients and then address those concerns. I have had a knot on my back for years that other message therapist have not been able to workout because of the pain. Lesley was able to release that muscle tension. Living Better Therapeutics is appropriately named. They offer a wide range of services and they really do make Better Living!
Marjorie R
Living Better Therapeutics Absolutely magical hands....Lesley has been keeping me vertical for a lot of years now....and I'm 78
Kelly B
Awesome The only part that is a little tender is my shoulder. Go figure. Other that, I feel wonderful.
Beth S
Healthy Living Dear Lesley, You are a asset in your profession. Your kind and gentle spirit make you complete! I can honestly say, best therapeutic massages I have ever encountered! You always make me feel physically better, and comfort my emotional aches and pains which play such a role in reducing physical pain. Thank you for listening, and being you!
Dawn G
Always a great experience Leslie has always taken away my aches from an accident from last year. She knows exactly where I hurt and what works. I always look forward to my massage days!!!
Great massage This was my second time with Leslie. After the first one, I found that I could reach straight up with my left arm without pain. I thought it had been arthritis, but must have been muscular! Yea!! I also found that I had much relief of pain in hips and lower back after this massage. I would highly recommend Leslie.
Cory L
Massage My husband and I came in for 60-minute massages. Leslie was friendly and knowledgeable. She worked out all the stiff and tight places in my back and neck. She also made suggestions to help with my shoulder problems. Leslie educated me on oils that may help with my stiffness and sleep issues. She made us both feel very comfortable in her home and provided a lot of advice in holistic health aside from the massage (which, of course, felt wonderful).
Patricia O
fantastic person and gives a great massage Lesley was a blessing God bless her I would recommend her and have to everyone
Excellent Massage Therapist I have been going to Lesley for more than a year. She has always been professional and willing to work with my busy schedule. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great massage.
absolutely wonderful experience Lesley was great From the first time I spoke with her. She listened to where my soreness was, and causes for the soreness and took her time during the massage. I feel great and can't wait until my next appt
Rose R
Wonderful massage Favorite things: heated table, great scented oils, best of all Leslie's technique and amazing hands!
Paula M
Best Massage Therapy This is not a fluff and buff massage. Lesley's approach is one of a health care provider. She frequently checks to ensure she is using the right amount of pressure. Additionally, she works the muscles like a physical therapist, first loosening them and then working the tight spots. I've gone to a lot of massage therapists and I will return to Lesley and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a tension relieving massage.
Cassie B
Amazing! Lesley remembers my problem spots and how my body responds best. I appreciate not having to explain everything again; she asks about those spots and knows how to help me feel better. She also has great advice for nutrition, stretching, and follow-up care to complement my treatments. I highly recommend her services.
Knowledgeable and thoughtful It is so refreshing to find massage therapists that have taken the time to study many modalities in order to offer the best treatment possible for specific problems. I truly appreciate the time they spend getting to know you as a person and understanding your specific needs. I would recommend Leslie to anyone looking for a skilled & insightful massage therapist.